Bank employee sleeps on key board, transfers millions!

Yes, you read it right…this is true and has created a lot of buzz on social media today. Most working professional would like a power nap in the afternoon, in this case the employee fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transformed a minor transfer into a 222 million euros. The bank realized this mistake shortly after the transfer and corrected the error. Luckily the employee did not loose his job as the court ruled that the plaintiff should be reinstated in his job. Close shave i would say!


Human Error or more scientifically User Error as it is called is the reason for such blunders. Funnier phrases have been derived in relation to Human Computer Interaction blunders like PEBKAC -Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair or PICNIC – Problem In Chair Not In Computer. Most critics and design experts still argue that blunders like these happen due to Human Errors and most of the times the blame is put on the wrong place -design and its failure to take into account human limitations. Millions of dollars are spent every year on Usablity Design analysis and testing to reduce human error in softwares and applications however there is still a long time for technology to advance upto a level when Human Errors will be close to zero.

We live in a Digital world where most of us are in front of the computer all day. We usually do not pay full attention to the computer system while using it. We require a small training on using systems to complete tasks with minimal errors.
This is obviously also not considered by most organizations as a necessary traning. Its time we realise its importance.

Tips: We can learn computer basics to avoid such mistakes, learning keyboard shortcuts and understanding commands is a good way to start.

After thought: How many of us have accidently placed a call when our phone was in our pockets?


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