The Phablet Mania – by Aaditya Kelkar

Exploring the Indian Junta’s obsession over size – of a phone ofcourse!


You see it in offices; meeting rooms, conference rooms, washrooms alike. Its there when you’re travelling; by a local train or by a Porsche. The totally unmissable ‘Phablets’ have taken the world of mobile phones by storm. Be it a Samsung Galaxy S4 or the humbler Micromax Canvas 2, everyone has or atleast aspires to have a phablet sooner than later.

The phone makers are not the one to miss this opportunity. Obscene-sounding screen sizes have now become the order of the day. Surpassing Samsung’s aptly named Mega (both the 5.8 and 6.3 incher) by almost *this* much is Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra which boasts of a 6.4 inch ultraHD screen. (Why didn’t they just blow it up a li’l more & bring us a smaller Xperia Z tablet?)

One of the more important reasons for cheap phone makers to continue selling these phablets than any regular size phone is because of better margins. What companies like Micromax are doing is just that. They buy the worst possible SoC in town, cover it with a 5-inch screen and boom you got yourself a phablet for Rs. 10k. Who cares about build quality & aesthetics?

But what about the biggies, the Samsung’s, the Sony’s and the Nokia’s of the world? Are they falling prey to huge demands from customers or they are the ones to create the demand? If you look at the spec of these phones, all of the phablets are flagships of the particular companies. All of the quad cores & octa cores of the world find a place in those huge phones ONLY. You will find no phone which has a 4 or 4.5 inch screen and an octa core processor. Is this what driving the demand for these oversized beasts Or ‘We are like this only’

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Article By – Aaditya Kelkar

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